A Note from our Founder

When my first child reached toddler age, I was on the lookout for cot linen that was fun, cosy in feel and high in quality. I just couldn’t find the right balance of good quality and cute design on the market. 

At the time my son was crazy about gorillas so my first hand-drawn designs of the gorillas were cheerfully approved by my enthusiastic two-year-old. 

I started by ordering a few metres of fabric featuring the friendly apes. The fabric quality didn’t match what I had in my mind but the design worked. My son was obsessed with the new duvet set I had lovingly hand-sewn for him.  The product felt new and fun and I started to think I might be able to help other mothers find special bed linen for their little ones.

In 2021, I registered the brand Such A Baby and worked with experts to produce high-quality duvet covers for babies, with many ideas for sleepwear and homeware products in the pipeline. The journey has begun!