We make sure our suppliers comply with our commitment to protecting the environment and follow the increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations. Their job is to ensure more sustainable processes are employed to significantly benefit the environment, following a responsible and well-informed use of chemicals to make sure no hazardous substances are found in any of the fabrics used in our products. 

At Such a Baby we take our environmental responsibility seriously and do everything we can to reduce our waste and keep our production clean. Our fabrics are sustainable and all the cotton we use is 100% organic. Organic cotton is grown without any chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds or artificial fertilisers, which is great for the environment. 

Such a Baby’s designs are all digitally printed to give you the highest quality eco-friendly solution. Our suppliers are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning the highest quality digitally printed fabric that uses reactive inks contain no harmful chemicals. Reactive inks give superior wash and rub fastness, along with brighter colour yield and a softer feel to the skin.

We trust the best things are made without harmful chemicals, and we work to make that happen.